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                         1、可調彎殼體 Adjustable Bent Housing
                               In the special processes of directional well, horizontal well and extended reach well, the adjustable angle drilling tools adopt the new type cardan shaft housing design, able to meet 19 different angle adjustment ranging 0-4°

                         2、新型油密封: New type oil sealed
                               Changing the common mud- lubricated drive shaft to oil-lubricated drive shaft, improves the working environment of the thrust bearings and radial bearings, increasing the life time of the complete downhole motor.

                         3、球鉸萬向節 Ball jointed universal shaft
                               Ball drive universal shaft adopts the ball, rod and hinge link to transmit the torque, using high temperature grease to lubricate friction,sealing the steel ball motion parts with rubber sleeves, isolating sharpening drilling fluid. The working surface of ball drive universal shaft is processed with special surface treatment, for a relative increase of its surface hardness and high temperature resistance,hence the wear resistance and the reliability can be further improved and the service life is prolonged correspondingly.

                         4、耐高溫馬達 High temperature resistant motor
                               The stator rubber of high temperature resistant motor is synthesized by a special technology, assuring the motor can work
                  normally under 150 C high temperature. It is suitable for the drilling operation of high temperature well and ultra deep well.

                         5、轉子表面處理 Rotor surface treatment
                               Special chromium coating technics can control the thickness ratio of chrome coating apex and trough to 1: 2 Tungsten carbide spray coated rotor can make the rotor work normally under the working condition of saturated saltwater mud, successfully solving the corrosion problem of the chrome plated rotor by the saturated brine.

                         6、可換穩定器 Replaceable stab|zer
                               In order to meet the need of drilling the housing of the downholemotor drive shaft as sembly is equipped with different kinds of stabilizers, with the fixed type and the replaceable type. The stabilizing forms of the stabilizer are various and the customers can make selection according to the requirement of the drilling technology.

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